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through done for you resumes (that get callbacks), interviews skills training (that positions you as a no brainer hire) and leveraging social media, job websites, and hidden job opportunities to land a new position in 4 weeks*


I don't know how many more YouTube videos I would have had to of watched to get the same information you've shared in one short conversation. - A.N



Thank you - I want to hire you for life! So much value! -J.M



I'm going to empower you to build

a solid foundation no matter where

you are in your work life cycle.


Hi, I'm Kirstin -

a kind human, dog mum, human mum, awesome girlfriend & extroverted introvert.

I also used to really struggle with selling myself and my abilities. See, I thought that speaking about my career accomplishments was kind of arrogant (I’m quite humble) and that my work should have spoken for itself.

These beliefs 👆🏼 cost me promotions. They cost me tens of thousands of dollars early on in my career. What I’ve learned is that you can talk about your accomplishments and be proud of them without sounding arrogant.

I’ve learned how to and you can too.


This is teachable stuff!

Does it take work and practice? Yes, but it’s possible!

I’m going to help you see your true worth, increase your confidence and overcome imposter syndrome; the things that are likely holding your career back!

Holding you back from going for that promotion, applying for a new job outside of your comfort zone, believing you can have a higher salary rate, negotiating a raise. 


Career Acceleration & Corporate Salary Booster

Your dream job? It’s within reach.

Your desired income? It’s within reach.

Your new-found confidence? It’s within reach.

The only thing standing between them all?

Your self-belief.

Your confidence.

How do I know all this?

Do you want to stop being overlooked for promotions?

Are you sick of your colleagues (who are not the most qualified person in the room, nor the most competent) getting the jobs that you believe should rightly be yours?

Are you tired of applying for jobs, and getting no response, feeling your self-worth and confidence deflate by the hour and wondering if you’ll have to go back to school to gain further qualifications?

Are you looking for a new job that actually makes you want to go to work in the morning? So that you can escape that toxic workplace culture, or perhaps the d*ckhead boss you can’t stand?

Do you want to increase your salary, so that the bank will lend you money to buy your dream home? So that you have enough disposable income to get car upgraded, or take your family on a much-needed vacation?

Do you want to move to a company where there are actual career progression and personal development opportunities or have you realized that perhaps you have you maxed out your ability to move up the ladder at your current company?

Are you wanting to break into a completely different industry, and worried you’ll have to start at the bottom again with an entry-level salary?

If you said yes to any of those questions, we should talk.


Don't take it from me (of course I love tooting my own horn!), but see what past clients have to say...

So, are you ready to invest in yourself, your career and your happiness?

What can you expect to learn?

Who's the career acceleration & corporate salary booster package for?

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My clients leave my program, knowing their worth – feeling confident, powerful, and unstoppable. Ready to tackle opportunities they didn’t think were possible for them previously.

They nail interviews and confidently negotiate salaries like a boss.

What I teach won’t just serve you now, it will pay off time and time again (for the rest of your working life).

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So, are you ready to invest in yourself, your career and your happiness?
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