When and How to Ask for a Recommendation on LinkedIn?

The BEST time to do this is when you are currently employed and are working with those you arelikely to ask for a recommendation. How? Login to LinkedInClick ‘Add Profile Section’Click ‘Additional Information’Click ‘Request a Recommendation’.Then follow the prompts. I’d write something like Hi X, As you know, my time at [insert employer] is coming […]

There is NOTHING more Brilliant Than Being Exactly Who You Are

For a large chunk of my corporate ‘work-life’, I thought I had to act a certain way.   The thing is, though, upon reflection, every time I succeeded? It was when I was showing my true self. My likeable, totally awkward, goofy self. When I was being me – a real empathetic human, who focused […]

Females to the Front! An Important Message for you ALL (You Need To Just Go For It)!

Every role my client (let’s call her June) has applied for this week? She’s been shortlisted for (that’s a 100% strike rate). In highly competitive fields… Likely, not the most ‘qualified’ person for the role… Amazing pay… June has made it to the interview stage. Sure, I helped facilitate this, but she’s done the work, […]

A Letter to 20 Year Old Me From a 35 Year Old Me.

35-year-old me is confident enough to rock a leopard jacket. Kirstin in her 20’s wasn’t. I was so concerned about what “people” would think. My mind was always filled with worry. There was little room for anything else. My heart constantly raced with terrible anxiety. I was afraid of being different. I was so worried […]

The Best Time To Look For Another Job

Did you know the best time to look for another job, is when you’re employed? Why? ???????? You look more desirable – the best of the best are usually employed. You have time to finesse your documents, to search for the RIGHT role at the RIGHT company. Everything isn’t on the line. You have options. […]

Your Resume – It’s A Sales Pitch!

Your Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Professional Bio? They are all sales pitches. They need to be written accordingly. You are selling YOU! Please stop listing responsibilities and responsibilities only. Phone screening? Interview? Hallway conversations? Sales pitches. What are you going to do for them? What value will you bring?  P.S – don’t write I’m looking […]

Whenever I Feel Paralyzed & Feel Self-Doubt Creeping In? I Do This…

I imagine my hype team standing behind me, cheering me on. This little gold nugget was from an old coach of mine who has been my lifelong supporter, cheerleader and confidante. He believed in me before I truly believed in myself. In all honestly, it changed the way I looked at my career and biz. […]