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The Best Time To Look For Another Job

The Best Time To Look For Another Job

Did you know the best time to look for another job, is when you’re employed?

Why? ????????

You look more desirable – the best of the best are usually employed.

You have time to finesse your documents, to search for the RIGHT role at the RIGHT company.
Everything isn’t on the line. You have options. ????????????


Your attitude is more likely to be ‘I’d be an asset to the team, they’d be foolish not to hire me.’


‘I desperately need this job.’ ????????

P.S ???????? trust me – no matter how good an actor you are, the hiring manager will be able to smell
the desperation.

You’ll have LEVERAGE when it comes to NEGOTIATING. ???? ????

So…..I URGE you to get organised while you are employed.

I’ve seen clients, friends, family, ex-colleges lose their jobs without warning. If you think it can’t
happen to you? That’s incredibly naive.

Or on the flip-side?

What if your dream role pops up? ????

Would your current documents even get you a look in? A phone screening? ????

Food for thought…. ????

Are you organised?

You need to view a well-written cover letter and resume a) as a sales pitch and b) like travel insurance.


So, are you ready to invest in yourself, your career and your happiness?
Good. Me too.