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A Letter to 20 Year Old Me From a 35 Year Old Me.

A Letter to 20 Year Old Me From a 35 Year Old Me.

35-year-old me is confident enough to rock a leopard jacket. Kirstin in her 20’s wasn’t.

I was so concerned about what “people” would think.

My mind was always filled with worry. There was little room for anything else.

My heart constantly raced with terrible anxiety. I was afraid of being different.

I was so worried about saying and doing the “right thing”. I kept my mouth.

Now? I’ve let that go.

My mind is filled with innovation, creativity, and I’m doing my best work.

When we dare to be authentic? Life is truly better.

You are powerful—your voice, thoughts and contribution matters.

It’s okay to walk into a room and be the only one who looks like and thinks like you.

You have many beautiful gifts.

Quit hiding.

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