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Why Should I hire a Resume Writer and Career Consultant? How Will It Benefit Me?

👉🏻Here’s the thing I teach career life skills that get you promoted multiple times over. Tens of thousands of dollars more, across your lifetime; I am not just a resume writer!

If you learn how to write a cover letter and resume now in a way that gets you noticed? If you learn how to network in a way that allows you to not only meet, but be remembered by the people that make the hiring decisions. If you learn how to network in a way that gets you a 6 figure salary?

No matter what happens…

Say you move across the country, or you lose your job (👋🏼 redundancy)…Or say your new manager is a d*ck, and you need to get outta there – FAST ( or worse, you get fired!).

You will KNOW how to handle the job-seeking process. You will KNOW how to sell yourself, and the value you bring so that you are hireable in any industry, at your desired salary rate, with a reputable company.

You see, once you learn these skills? You’ll be able to replicate them time, and time again. You’ll be able to help your friends and spouse.

You will never feel that out of job stress (6 months with no salary), unable to provide for your family ever again. 💳

You will be able to get yourself sorted QUICKLY – you’ll just know what to do.

How confident are you that you’ve got these life skills nailed? 🤔


Ask yourself.

Who is the Career Accelerator & Salary Booster Package For?

The Career Accelerator package is best suited to anyone who desires to progress to a higher-level role, increase their salary by 30-40K* within their current organisation or pursue a new position, and salary increase elsewhere.

For those who want to future proof themselves in case redundancy strikes or enter the workforce again after maternity leave.

It’s best suited to those currently or previously in corporate careers in industries like (Tech, Business Management, Banking, Finance or Administration. FMCG, Sales, Legal, Logistics, Operations Management, Pharmaceuticals, or Healthcare. Project Managers, Social Media and/or Marketing Managers. General Management, Real Estate, Local Government, Human Resources or Recruitment.

It is also appropriate for university graduates. 

Who is it Not For?

This program is not for you if you are just starting out in your career or are self-employed. I have other offers that are better suited to your needs, message me, and together we will get you sorted. 

Secondly, this program is not for you if you are not serious and committed about career and salary acceleration – personal and professional development. 

Wait, I Have More Questions

Truthfully, I’m a booked out resume writer and career consultant. 

On top of that, I also assist those who are self-employed (think professional bio’s, banding documents, letters to assist them land speaking gigs, podcast interviews etc.)

A busy mum, wife and cheerleader!

This website will get finished when it gets finished. I’ll add more Q&A’s when I can. In the interim? I’m pretty approachable, just message me, and I’ll answer. 

So, are you ready to invest in yourself, your career and your happiness?
Good. Me too.